Childcare Parent Testimonials


St. Andrew Early Learning Childcare has been a major part of our life for the past seven years. We couldn’t have asked for a more caring group of people to take care of our children. The staff is excellent and has always provided a safe, loving, educational and Christian environment. My kids love their St. Andrew family!
– Steph and Josh Keck

The process of selecting a childcare facility for anyone is difficult, especially for new parents – but we can honestly say, that this is one of the few parenting decisions we have not second guessed. St. Andrew Early Learning Center is right for our family for so many reasons.  From the curriculum that includes faith-based materials to the physical facilities (clean rooms/space, gym, and playground), and the well-educated and compassionate staff, we couldn’t think of a better place for our son.   Our decision is reinforced every day when we drop him off and he can’t get into his room fast enough— without so much as a goodbye kiss he is off playing with his teachers and friends.  We feel so lucky to bring our son to St. Andrew Early Learning Center every day!
– Jennifer and Erik Tone

We could not be happier with our child’s transition from a home daycare to St Andrew childcare. While maintaining the academic standards earned with their accreditation, the staff still manages to be so warm and inviting – a sharp contrast to our exposure at other child care centers where it was one extreme or the other: either too structured, almost robotic or too chaotic with limited structure.  And you can’t beat the outdoor playground nestled into the surrounding nature or the soft-floored indoor gym for allowing the kids to be active in a way kids need to be.  What we found at St Andrew is a caring, family atmosphere in an academic setting with all the right amenities to excite the kids – exactly the balance every parent hopes to find in childcare!  We previously would ask our child at the end of every day “did you have a good day”?  We don’t have to ask anymore because every time we pick him up he is anxious to exclaim “I had a good day”!
– Valerie & Steve Ginal

We were referred to St Andrew by friends who had their child in 3 different daycare centers previously. Thanks to them, we found St Andrew Childcare to be a fit for us and our son right away.  It was difficult returning to work, but the infant room teachers were so enthusiastic and thoughtful we were quickly put at ease knowing he was in great hands.   Now that my son is in the toddler room, it is so much fun seeing him with his school friends and he is learning so much.  He’s excited to get there in the mornings and always has a smile on his face when we pick him up!
– Stacy and Mario Fantauzzi

Our daughter has been attending childcare at Saint Andrew’s since she was 3 months old. She is now 2 and a half. The staff at Saint Andrew’s does a wonderful job of taking care of the children. They really make a difference every day.  The staff is very organized and well informed about early childhood education.  They have a ‘specific routine/schedule every day which is also helpful.  At Saint Andrews they incorporate reading, singing, dancing, and learning about faith which our family values very much.  I would recommend the Saint Andrews Early Learning program to anyone looking for quality child care.
– Mandy and Brett Ewig

One of the first major decisions to make as a working parent is to determine childcare. Leaving your baby (or child) in the hands of a stranger can be very challenging.  No one at St. Andrew stays a stranger for long.  After our tour and first visit, we knew it was the right place for our daughter.   With tenured engaging staff members we felt our child would be nurtured and encouraged in a warm, family focused environment.  Our transitions from infant to toddler to preschooler have been enjoyable and exciting, and we credit the care at St. Andrew for fostering education, growth and positive development in our child.  We are happy to be a part of the St. Andrew Early Learning family.
– Greg and Amanda Caspers

Deciding on a daycare for our daughter was top priority during our preparation for baby. As new parents, we only knew general questions to ask during the tour and through subsequent email inquiries. But the St. Andrew staff was fantastic in informing us not only what to expect as our daughter entered the infant room, but also expectations for transitions and the stages to come. We wanted a faith-based daycare, and St. Andrew delivered! From the beginning of our daughter’s time at St. Andrew she has been taught bible stories, prayers and how to live out her faith in daily life.

Trusting someone else to care for your child is a big decision. Even though it was hard for us to believe that anyone could care for our daughter like we could; all of the teachers feel more like family now instead of providers. The teachers know her preferences, her quirks and what comforts her. They truly love the children they care for at St. Andrew and it makes us so happy to know that our daughter is in a loving Christian environment.
– Amberly and Ryan Austad