Preschool Parent Testimonials

Over the past 10 years our family has been a part of St. Andrew’s Early Childhood Programs from daycare to preschool.  All 3 of our boys have attended there and have experienced the love, guidance, comfort, and prayer shared.  When our family walks into the building, we immediately feel a sense of safety, warmth, and a welcome vibe from everyone.  It’s a family environment that once you walk through those doors, you are all together as one.  They provide the education needed to build our children into the best they can be.  They provide the love to our children that allows them to feel at home, when they aren’t at home,  They provide so much for our children that allows us as parents to feel comfortable saying god-bye, because we know they are in the best hands possible.  All of boys couldn’t wait for “school days” because it meant seeing the incredible staff, their friends, “the biggest gym in the world”, and playing.  We have been beyond happy with our decision to be a part of St. Andrew, and to us, this is our second home and we wouldn’t want it any other way.
-Janelle Ehlers


Having moved to the U.S. recently, we were initially concerned and worried about our kids settling down and attending preschool here for the first time.  The teachers and staff were all so warm and friendly, with their genuine care and affection for our kids.  They felt at home and settled down well on the very first day of school.  The warmth and energy of the teachers is unmatched and we truly appreciate the way they cultivated the confidence, independence and social skills in our kids and helped prepare them for Kindergarten.  We would like to sincerely thank St. Andrew for providing a supportive environment that made learning fun. We also thank the staff and teachers for the wonderful time and care Nakul and Nethra received at the preschool.  We are all going to miss being a part of this beautiful family.
-Seep and Sriram Ramut


Our oldest son Brooks started the 3 day a week preschool program at St. Andrew when he was 3 ½.  We knew right from the beginning that this place was where we were supposed to be.  We wanted a loving, hands on, Christian environment for our preschool experience and that is what St. Andrew is all about to us.  You know your child is in good hands when they are so loved up with hugs and never think twice when mom or dad leaves.  We did have some concerns about Brooks’ development, as did his teachers, who guided us in the right direction right away.  He was diagnosed on the autism spectrum.  Since we were able to catch it so early, thanks to his terrific teachers, we are able to get him the extra help he needs.  He is now thriving!  My second son, Cruz started out in the Parent’s Morning Out Program at age two.  He is now in the 3 day a week program and looks forward to everyday he goes to school.  My boys have also loved the Lunch Bunch opportunities and extra classes such as Spanish, Cooking, and Art!  They have grown and learned so much here and we feel so good about their Christ-Centered preschool start.  I know that all of Brooks and Cruz’s experiences at St. Andrew have prepared them for what God has in store for them.  We feel blessed that we will be able to come to St. Andrew for at least a few more years, because Brooks and Cruz have a baby brother, Griffin!
-Brionne Winegarden


St. Andrew Preschool has been a huge blessing to my daughter, and our family this year.  Her teachers have been incredibly loving, nurturing, and FUN!!  My daughter has been very excited to go to school every single time.  I love hearing about all the things she learns.  Her teachers have incorporated much more history, science, and math concepts that I ever would have expected.  The classroom routines (welcome, snack, jobs, story time) are just perfect for that developmental age and have provided my daughter with security, confidence, and ownership in her classroom.  My daughter has also loved the fieldtrips, lunch bunch, and many of the Afternoon Adventure Classes.  I am so excited that now her younger brother is able to experience all of these things, too!  I would recommend St. Andrew Preschool to anyone.
-Joy James


We have loved St. Andrew Preschool and programs for all three of our children.  It is such a positive feeling as a parent to have your children spend their precious early years at a place as warm and welcoming as St. Andrew Preschool.  Like most families, all of our children have different personalities and strengths and St. Andrew Preschool was able to foster each of our children’s early academic needs while still providing the opportunity to play, pretend and be a carefree preschooler.  The variety of programs and teachers are excellent and the class sizes are small and balanced to provide the best experience for each child.  St. Andrew Preschool has a stellar reputation in Eden Prairie for good reason and we are always proud of our choice to have all of our children attend preschool here.
-Chris and Lynnsey Oppegaard


We researched and visited many preschool programs throughout Eden Prairie and the surrounding area. We chose St. Andrew’s Preschool because of the people. The warmth and energy of St. Andrew’s is unmatched. The staff and teachers go above and beyond every day to help each child learn and grow in a Christian environment. My kids feel happy and loved at preschool. Another key factor for us in choosing St. Andrew is the variety of programming offered with the Afternoon Enrichment Programs. Whether it be music, reading, or cooking, our sons have participated in the enrichment programs which have enabled them to be more physically and academically prepared for all day Kindergarten. We feel boundless gratitude towards every single teacher, Director, and staff at St. Andrew’s for the positive impact they have made on the lives of our sons and family.
-Maria and Jay Mellen


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